Launch Party!

What an unbelievable first day for our little blog! We had 138 hits (as of 10:00 PM), and this is before being activated on Search Engines Bing and Google (this usually takes four weeks) or linking up with Facebook and Ballard-focused Web sites. We were also linked to two other Ballard blogs (already!) and received five comments—four from non-residents—and lots of positive support.

City Councilman Mike O’Brien reached out today and said (in part): 

“I have been in contact with SPU staff, and we realize that significant issues remain. Due to the higher than usual amount of rainfall last weekend, we are facing a number of flooding related problems around the city. One of my aides will be meeting with SDOT and SPU staff tomorrow to get an update on the current status of the issues you have raised, and I will report back my latest understanding of the challenges and what the next steps are. Please continue to share your concerns with me.”

Thank you, Councilman O’Brien. Hopefully we’ll receive some communication before Congress goes home for the holidays. Maybe some positive changes for under our Christmas tree!

I’m reminded of the filthy water that used to pool up beside the railroad tracks under the bridge on 58th and 36th (does it still do that?) and the pollywogs, mosquitoes, and maybe beginnings of multi-cellular life that used to grow in there (one of my elementary school teachers collected that water for classroom experiments). This got me to thinking: Could they strike a deal with the Railroad and use that pooling area for Raingardens? No one sees it there. And certainly no child should be playing down by the railroad tracks anyway. Maybe they could team up with the Railroad and use the city’s resources to, instead of pumping water out of Raingardens, manage the blackberry bushes beside the tracks so the Railroad doesn’t periodically go through surreptitiously at night and spray them down with an Agent Orange substitute, which by the way also goes into the Sound (I grew up above those tracks—yes, they do that). This sounds like a win-win-win for everyone!

More tomorrow.

(Thanks for all the initial support!)

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One response to “Launch Party!

  1. Kathy Frushour

    I have expressed thanks to Councilman Mike O’Brien for stating some focused objectives, and it’s true that I feel more optimistic because of the evidence that he is listening. That does NOT mean that I feel the many issues we have all been expressing have been properly addressed. Keep up the communication, everyone. I support continuing to press for resolutions satisfactory to the people who live here, in what has been one of the most desirable areas of Ballard.

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