Rainstorms Mean Puddles

First post!

Last night was a massive rainstorm. Most of the raingardens are full – although two look capable of handling Seattle weather. They are muddy. The bonus is this morning I couldn’t smell them due to the flush.


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4 responses to “Rainstorms Mean Puddles

  1. Rob

    I don’t live in this particular neighborhood (I live a mile away) and really don’t know why you are concerned — muddy holes dug out of the street and strewn with weeds/garbage while collecting stagnant/polluted water and potentially serving as a danger to neighborhood children/drivers are a GOOD thing! I’m very proud that our elected leaders disregard the neighborhood’s wishes and do what they want. I’m also very appreciative that they stuck these in your neighborhood in the hopes of alleviating pollution — your small sacrifice (and the risk of drowned children in these ponds) is a small price to pay when compared to the major influence this will have on the shipping companies, airlines, oil refineries, interstates, emerging markets and third world countries that pour bazillions of gallons of pollutants into the ocean every day. Every day when I drove through your neighborhood I thought, If they put some holes in the ground here the world’s environment would be much safer — now I don’t have to worry. Next, I’m really hoping they put homeless encampments near these wonderful swamps…

  2. Joe

    As an affected neighbor, I wonder and hope that the city will take continuous action to solve our needs, rather than just paying lip service to the issues. It was wonderful fishing out out our garbage can today from our new rain garden, which continues to retain water consistently. No rats have been seen at this point, but is it just a matter of time? I wonder how that will play out to my now devalued home that I have live in for the last 20 years. What has happened to us and what can we do? I urge neighbors and the community not to give up, but stand up.

  3. CC

    So the design meeting went something like –
    “We have too much rain water! We should dig holes, so it can’t drain.”
    “Wow – What a great idea! We are such a smart bunch-O-civic leaders.”

    Nice work guys, way to mail it in.

  4. Joe

    So tonight I receive and email from Karen York saying that from now on she will be communicating by email. No direct response to my concern about our garbage can falling into the swamp in front of our home. Oh yes, more noise about how people will be coming out to “monitor” and “reports” will be made, but no info on how to get them or what human will actually talk to us and risk meeting inside at the library rather than on the street. Contractor has gone south for the winter. That’s just great. I find this whole style of communication indicative of how insensitive the city of seattle and this project has been to our neighborhood. Thanks for nothing.

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