Additional Issue To Be Called Out

One of our neighbors called out another issue: Parking and curbside access. This one also affects a neighbor with two small children and only one (very small) parking spot  in front of their house now. I’ll quote verbatim and then paraphrase under The Issues tab:

“I would also like to add something to the issues – the fact that a person on the passenger side of a car cannot get out of the car without stepping into the ditch.  And they have only a one foot of level ground with heaps of loose bark to step on, stabilize, and tip-toe around the car to get to a corner side walk.  I had to negotiate this feat myself last week, when being dropped off in front of my house. The only legal parking place is across the street from my front door, and I had to step out into the garden, in the rain, in the dark, and brush along the side of the car getting my pants and jacket dirty and wet to keep from falling in the ditch. Not pleasant, and VERY irritating.  Neither of the bump-outs in front of my house….or my neighbors across the street have a walkway across them – just that stupid skinny board – so now I can’t even stroll across the street to have a chat.”

Thanks for the information!


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2 responses to “Additional Issue To Be Called Out

  1. Jeremy

    It would be great to send this blog to the local officals to see what the people are saying!

  2. Lizz

    I agree that this is a major problem. We have the fire hydrant in front of our house in addition to a raingarden bump out. In fact, SPU admitted a design flaw when they put the bumpout in front of our house because it originally left no parking space for us since you can’t park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. After much work on my part and speaking to supervisors, SPU agreed to move the fire hydrant 4 feet at the city’s (your) expense so that we could park a car in front of our house. That was great. The problem now is that to get myself and my two small children in and out of the car we need to walk in the raingarden. I was told that the one foot perimeter of the gardens are covered in a thicker mulch so that we can walk in them. I find it very difficult to tell my children that they are not allowed to go in the gardens, but they should walk in them to get in and out of our car. Additionally, this leads to a dreadful amount of dirt and mulch being tracked into our car and our home.

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