I’ve been interested in the concept of renaming those brown lagoons in front of our homes, so that there isn’t confusion over the residents’ support for actual environmentally-friendly Raingardens.

One neighbor made this excellent point based on her research:

“It might be a helpful starting point if we could start using accurate terms to describe these ‘holes.’ I have told the city many times that I do not think they are raingardens. They are too deep and do not drain….Today I looked up the definition of a raingarden in Wikkipedia….: ‘Part of a garden that nearly always has standing water is a water garden, wetland, or pond, and not a rain garden….’

“I have been taking data on the ‘holes’ in front of my house. Based on the above definition, two of the four would be correctly called ‘watergardens,’ ‘wetlands,’ or ‘ponds.’ It just seems outrageous that the city expects us to accept their inaccurate definition of these ‘holes.’ Could that be because no city official in their right mind would allow a permit for a homeowner to build a ‘watergarden,’ a ‘wetland,’ or a ‘pond’ in a parking strip next to a public sidewalk?….”

A friend also sent these names as suggestions for the blog: “waterlogblog, swalerail, seattlemalariasociety, and ballardlamegardens.

From Emerald City to Ballard Wetlands in six months.

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