Black asphalt plugs have now replaced the sandbags–the purpose is to keep more water from rushing into the Raingardens. A few neighbors emailed this morning about left-behind sandbags, unnecessary signs, and trash in the ponds and on the street.

From one neighbor:

“We are still seeing sandbags in our ditches, even though the plugs have been installed. Also, the No Parking sign, which is for one day (January 11), is still sitting in front of [neighbor’s] house. The other day [wife] came home and saw a city truck blocking her from getting in our driveway. She waited a long time. What did the city do. It moved the sign 10 yards further up and left it in front of [neighbor’s] house.

“[Wife] tried calling the city phone number….You now can no longer talk to a person, but have to send an email. So [wife] tries to send the email and gets rejected with error messages because she has not gone through an elaborate registration process, which she could not complete….In the meantime we are left with having to look at what they don’t clean up.”

You can see the new black asphalt plugs in the pictures below.

Another neighbor summed it up, “Reason for further discontent with this project.

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  1. Steve

    This project seriously turned a nice, neat neiborhood into a mess. The rain gardens do not work, period. Put the curbs back the way they were & take down the hundred or so ugly signs

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