Precautions for School Children

An argument the residents have made since September 2010 is the non-draining Raingardens are a danger to children.

In an article published on in October 2010 (“Drainage Issues in Roadside Raingardens”), Chris Woelfel from SPU states, “The water depth in some of the unfinished rain gardens was deeper than 6-inches. Since 28th Ave NW is a main path for school children, we wanted to be cautious and not allow deeper water, even on a temporary basis, so we pumped them out.” (See full article here:

To us, this is an acknowledgement the City agrees Raingardens with water deeper than six inches are dangerous.

A neighbor took this picture yesterday of one of three school children playing in the Raingardens–this one with water deeper than six inches. The City couldn’t expect school children not to play in them, could they?


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2 responses to “Precautions for School Children

  1. Julie Paxton

    I am of the belief that the rain gardens are not fully planted as of yet. If all the planting were done now the plants would die due to the cold weather. Once the plants are in place they will suck up the water.

    • Steve

      Exactly how much water do you think these plants will suck up. This isnt the amazon, no plant in this region can get rid of that much water & the ground will not soak it up any faster due to the soil in this area.

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