First Pond Scum, Then Mosquitos

A neighbor sent a picture taken yesterday of the Raingarden outside her house (south side of NW 77th, closest to  29th Ave NW) that held standing water for over a week. Pond scum formed on the top. Yesterday SPU pumped it dry; not in time to stop mosquitos from breeding.


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2 responses to “First Pond Scum, Then Mosquitos

  1. Steve

    This really isnt much of a suprise. I dont like being so negative but the rain gardens will not work in this area due to the soil, it does not soak in. It might in summer showers but not in Fall, Winter or Spring rain.

  2. Sharon

    Despite the city’s attempt to pump the water out of the scummy pond, there are still at least two inches of standing water sitting in them. The water is just sitting there—not draining. That’s enough water to breed mosquitoes.

    Apparently, we need will need several consecutive rain free days for the water to evaporate since the ground does not absorb the water. So far this has not been observed ALL WINTER for some of these ponds–even with asphalt plugs and even with the trucks pumping water out of them. That’s a health risk and an undo burden on our neighborhood.

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