Raingarden Pumping Schedule

A neighbor sent two pictures of the City pumping the Raingardens late last week. What is significant is the condition of the “water” by the time it was pumped – notice the thick, green scum that has been stewing for more than three days or even a week. If it looks bad, imagine how bad it smells.

The City has stated many times the Raingardens will be pumped every three days, which is a key point in their argument for why mosquitos won’t breed. We see a different schedule. Why the delay? Did someone call in sick? Did a truck break down? Did another Raingarden across the city have to be pumped instead? Our safety and health are dependent on a truck showing up every 72 hours. Is this fair? How long does SPU expect us to be dependent on a pump schedule – for another 12-36 months?

And how much is this extra pumping costing the City during a budget shortfall?


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2 responses to “Raingarden Pumping Schedule

  1. Steve

    This whole project has turned ( as expected ) into total BS.
    My little boy & I watched the pump truck as it sucked up swampy crap out of the ditches on 31st ave last week. The whole thing is awful, the asphalt plugs, the standing water with various leaves,twigs, fir needles floating around, it just looks terrible, no excuses.

  2. Rob

    I love that these are supposed to help the environment but require a truck every 72 hours. Last I heard trucks contribute to the very same environmental problems the gardens are supposed to address. But maybe these are the silent, nonsmog generating, solar powered kind of trucks…

    Awesome work SPU!! Great solution!

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