Follow-up from Mayor Mike McGinn

Mayor Mike McGinn followed up on a resident’s email with this (in part):

“I am aware of your situation….and have asked the Director of the Department of Transportation, Peter Hahn, and the Superintendent of Seattle Public Utilities, Ray Hoffman, to work together to address your concerns about the drainage and parking signs.”

Since someone at the City has agreed to look into the issue, we’re changing the status of the Eliminate all signage goal from Very Red back to Red.

Also, since SPU didn’t include the signage issue in their letter under “key points we heard at the meeting,” we emailed them today to ask for it to be included.

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One response to “Follow-up from Mayor Mike McGinn

  1. Jeff Elrod

    I agree. The signage is terrible. I support the concept but without drastic changes to this element of the project I would never want this on 27th.

    Jeff Elrod
    27th Ave NW

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