SPU Showcasing Pilot to Students?

Last week, the Raingarden pumping schedule intensified, and when that happens, we suspect a special visitor will swing by to check out the pilot. On Saturday morning, two busloads of UW landscape architecture students arrived, led by an SPU “Green Stormwater Infrastructure Program Manager.” Accompanied by a private Raingarden consultant, this SPU PM proudly showcased the Raingardens and informed the students more plantings and a waiting period will resolve most, if not all, remaining issues.

This is not reflecting the risks the residents presented at the community meeting, in our Powerpoint deck, and under this blog’s Issues.

We are in disbelief that SPU continues to showcase a pilot that is currently on alert to be a failure on all levels. Being a PM myself, if I attended a meeting about my product with my customers like the one we had last week, right now I would be taking a deep breath and leaning over the drawing board.

Unfortunately, while a community Task Force is being created and a letter was mailed by SPU indicating they heard us, this re-escalates our concern that SPU is not attentive to our issues, and they still plan to hammer this thing through.

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