New Hazard: The Temporary Black Asphalt Bumps

A neighbor sent this story about the temporary black asphalt bumps installed by SPU to control water flow into the non-functioning Raingardens:

“On Wednesday afternoon last week, I was on my way across the street to talk to [neighbor], talking to her as I was approaching, and tripped over the little asphalt speed bump. I went headfirst out into the street (thank goodness no traffic) and fell heavily on my left elbow, shoulder, and hip, and scraped the heel of my right hand. [Neighbor] can confirm the fall – it scared her a little bit too. The elbow contact was the worst – bringing blood from three different gouges – through my clothing. The wounds have healed, but the elbow is still quite tender since I think I probably bruised the bone. Thank goodness I was off on a short trip the next day and didn’t have to work until Tuesday the 7th, because I would not have been able to keep massage appointments with bleeding wounds on my hand and elbow. As it was I couldn’t use my left elbow for work even on this past Tuesday because it is still too tender. That affects my sole income – my livelihood.

“And this is the third stumble/trip over that #$%& thing! The first time I was walking around my car parked in front of the house, tripped over the asphalt curb, but caught myself on the hood of the car to prevent falling. Just banged my hip against the car, which was sore for a couple of days. Next time, I was headed across the street on morning walk and stumbled over it – just turned my ankle a bit. This last incident is plenty for me. These #$%& things are not part of anybody’s plan – offer no functional improvement to the ditches – and are clear hazards to the public. They are poorly conceived ‘quick fixes’ to make the city’s numbers on standing water look better before the public meeting last week. When they put the asphalt plugs in to keep street runoff out of the ditches, they made lakes of rain runoff ‘outside’ of the ditch in the one parking place they left me in front of my house. So in an effort to make the lakes smaller they built a curb to keep water from pooling too much in the parking space. The water still pools here during a good rain, and the curb is a major hazard (I know my neighbor….has also tripped on this thing at least once). I want them removed IMMEDIATELY – for my own safety and to prevent someone from really hurting themselves.”


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2 responses to “New Hazard: The Temporary Black Asphalt Bumps

  1. steve

    Well we all know none of this bull $IIit would be taking place in front of our ‘green’ mayors house. The city has reallyscrewed us all over in this neighborhood.

  2. glad it's you and not me with those pits

    Sorry to hear about the injury. The injury aside, this is comical in a tragic kind of way. I wonder what kind of “hilarious” contraption they come up with next? Hey SPU, why don’t you stop screwing around and just make these things look like the neighbors were promised in the first place?

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