After six months of reminding SPU and the City that these bio-retention ponds are a hazard to the children in our community – based on available data provided by Washington State Drowning Prevention Network – we found this SPU presentation posted online displaying photos of children (or one child in particular) playing happily next to water-filled ditches.


(Reference: Pages 10, 17, 31, and 45 in SPU’s presentation.)

Is this intended to be a message that children can play next to pits of clouded water and be perfectly safe?

I would like to write more, but I’m speechless.


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4 responses to “Children

  1. Lizz

    This is a painful picture to see. I have no doubt that children play by these. Today I had to pull my 2 year old away from the pond with 4 inches of water in it as he kept asking to jump in the puddles and was picking up the filthy rocks to throw in it. The hardest part about this is that we had to step into the raingarden in order to get in and out of our car. Very confusing to a 2 year old. I find it problematic that the city post pictures of it as to communicate these bodies of water are safe. These retention ponds are not safe and are potentially life threatening. Not only as a drowning hazard but also as a disease spreading hazard. I really hope the city is starting to listen to it’s residents about our concerns. Yes, they drilled holes in some of the retention ponds to allow drainage from one to the other and then are going to funnel the water back into the sewer system. This is a step, but to me it seems pretty backwards that they are now funneling the water they were trying to decrease back into the drainage pipes and we are still left with these hazards. Something has to change and start changing FAST!!!

  2. Love Disgruntled Neighborhoods

    Hey, this is terrific! I can’t wait to see our wise leaders at SPU’s presentations of children playing next to:
    * The Railroad SwitchYard.
    * The Toxic Waste Dump.
    * The Undetonated Land Mine Warehouse.
    * Any Chinese Fireworks Factory.
    * The Chilean National (“Now Accident Free for 14 Hours”) Mines.
    * The Ye Olde Refrigerator Storage area.
    * The Loaded Gun Shop.

    Way to go SPU (formerly known as TASS).

    • Love Disgruntled Neighborhoods

      Hey quick addendum — my smarter-than-me-wife just pointed out that promoting muddy ditches as kid friendly areas fits right in with Seattle’s illustrious history — we *are* the city that built and promoted Gas Works Park (Motto: The Kid-Friendly Place With The Glowing Green Water).

      Next on SPU’s list: “The Duwamish & Me — The Duwamish River Is Safe to Drink — Really.”

  3. spu

    Next I expect SPU to support “Designated Pre-School Hitch Hiking Zones”.

    Sounds like something they’d go for. *sigh

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