Real Estate – Agents Know Best

A neighbor relayed this story:

“A friend of mine is selling her house over on 31st street. She told her real estate agent her address and the agent said, ‘That’s not on the block with the raingardens, is it?’ She said no. The agent said, ‘Whew. I don’t know what those people are going to do. They’ll never be able to sell their houses now.'”

We have a man on our block in his late 80s or early 90s. He bought that house in 1946 after he came home from the war and married a shipmate’s wife’s sister, who was born and raised in Ballard. She passed away this past year, and their children may be considering selling the home soon to adjust for his future care. If what this real estate agent says is true, after 65 years of investment, when he needs his home’s value the most, this is the year it has plummeted through no fault of his own.

This is what happens when the City charges ahead with a new water infiltration design and doesn’t test appropriately or consider how it will affect the residents.

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