Did SPU Know About the Signage Ahead of Time?

Since September 2010, when the signage was installed, SPU has claimed at community meetings with Councilmember Mike O’Brien and Director Nancy Ahern that they “goofed” and didn’t know SDOT would require caution and No Parking signs around the bio-retention pond bump-outs when the decision was made to install the ponds. Residents argue this signage devalues the homes, alters the neighborhood, and generally gives the unattractive feel of a construction zone–not to mention the residents were never informed of the signs ahead of time, particularly in the pictures distributed to serve as examples. SPU’s defense has remained they didn’t know about the signage either.

We found plans signed off by SPU in November 2009 that show the signs and quantity. It seems the signs were always part of the installation plan.

See full plans here: http://www.seattle.gov/util/groups/public/@spu/@usm/documents/webcontent/01_010120.pdf (signs on page 14 of 23).


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2 responses to “Did SPU Know About the Signage Ahead of Time?

  1. Steve

    Just more B.S. from the city. The project, signs etc., looks like crap .

  2. LB

    We see pecifically delineated signage schedule on the Nov ’09 drawings yet the video from the Community Meeting 2/2/11 shows that Andrew Lee clearly states: “The signs caught us by surprise as well. That wasn’t what we were expecting.”
    As another example of a blind eye: I suppose they were not expecting that ponding water during summer construction meant non-draining cells in winter ?

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