New Construction – Pre-Task Force Meeting #1

Lots of work is being done on the Raingardens right now…

The message from SPU is they are filling in the holes that have standing water “temporarily” until the Task Force can convene to make decisions about the final design. Some cells are being filled, but some are being excavated. From the 02/25 SPU update, SPU stated they would replace the biosoil on 29th once they were done on 31st–but they are not done on 31st yet. It seems the biosoil is being replaced, but then the cell is being compacted (that won’t help with drainage). This has led to much confusion and speculation in the neighborhood.

SPU seems to be working without informing the community exactly what they are doing and how this will help–all before the initial meeting of the Task Force.

Note in the first picture: the hole clearly shows the Vashon Glacial Till (clay).

From some neighbors’ perspective:

“Just thought I would update you all on what I saw this morning. A few days ago, the City filled the western-most cell of the raingardens on 77th just east of the alley. For the last several days, although it was filled, the cell has had a pool of standing water in it because there was still a depression in the cell. This morning as I was leaving, two City workers were siphoning the water out of the cell with a hose and pump and pumping it into the western-most cell of the three cells on the west side of the alley. So the hose was running across the alley and two cells into the third cell. This is the cell that….then drains into the sewer drain. I thought it was pretty ridiculous that they had to pump a ‘filled-in’ cell. Even more so that the sky has just completely darkened and it looks as if we are going to be dumped on again.”

“A funny sight today. Picture five City workers standing in the ‘garbage pit’ (on 77th) pumping it out with a small pump in the pouring rain!!!!  Isn’t that what they call counter productive???”

“So I just….did a little tour of the ponds. As I drove up 28th, [Earthcorps was] trying to drain (unsuccessfully) one of the cells with a garden hose and 10 gallon bucket, I kid you not. BUT, more importantly, this same crew has started excavating the ponds on 77th.  Did you know this was going to happen? On 31st they have parked a construction trailer. Looks like they think they will be here for a long time….I mean, they have removed the vegetation and are removing the soil…!”


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2 responses to “New Construction – Pre-Task Force Meeting #1

  1. Teresa

    Egads! As a Southern Californian, looking at these pictures makes me shake my head. Honestly, the raingardens look horrendous; good idea, not good implementation. Stagnant water? Muddy pits? It’s very unfortunate that the pilot design schematics were not thought out more rigorously. Good luck!

  2. ebr

    At this point, if I lived on your street I would be done with this. Your time may be better spent investigating to see how much sewage the City and County receive from surrounding communities, outside of the city limits. Perhaps if the areas to the North (outside the city limits) had their own sewage plants, we would not have the CSO problem. Rumor has it that the City and or County takes waste from outher jurisdictions. The rain gardens are not a long or a short term solution. No one wants a wet basement, which will occur if you allow these to exist. No one wants safety hazards. I hope for your benefit the lawns are re-established. I certainly don’t want a precedent set by a minority who think rain gardens work.

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