Cement Job

On 31st Avenue, the water meters had to be moved out of the planting strips to accommodate the bio-retention ponds. A neighbor sent these pictures of the cement job done when sealing them into their new position on the sidewalk.

We certainly hope this is not the quality of work we should expect on our streets and curbs if/when any bump-outs are removed.


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4 responses to “Cement Job

  1. Steve

    This is our street. Nice, at least they are keeping the quality of this project
    the same throughout….looks like crap.

  2. Chris

    Rather, just to me, mind you, this looks like standard practice temporary asphalt patching until surrounding new sidewalk is poured. If they had not done this, you would have a gaping hole of several inches around the meters boxes that children could fall into.

  3. Steve

    Why bother doing a half ass temporary job? Why didnt they pour concrete around the meters when the rest of the conrete was poured? Just to send out another crew & trucks? They waste more time & money by doing everything at least twice. Take the signage for instance.
    Put em up, take em down, put shorter ones up. This BS is not free, WE are paying for this.

  4. BKM

    Has this been forwarded to the mayor?

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