Kingfisher Spotted!

The first Kingfisher (bird) has been spotted in our neighborhood. According to our long-term residing neighbor (62 years), this is the first one she’s ever seen on our block. Maybe they’ve heard the word there are ponds here now?

(Picture taken morning of 03/10/11 – just before heavy rain hit.)


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3 responses to “Kingfisher Spotted!

  1. LB

    What will be sighted next …. Bass ? ….. Perch ?……

  2. Kathy Frushour

    HA! I generally see these fishing birds at the Ballard Locks — will sea lions be our next visitors ?

  3. HSphtr

    This one had been marked “yellow” in terms of drainage ability by the community presentation. The inlet had been blocked by an asphalt plug and a “wall” of asphalt like the ones people have been tripping over. But since the one across the street is blocked in the same way, the water had been flowing across the street and pooling in this corner.

    Now, as can been seen in this picture, the asphalt plug and wall have been removed from the inlet, so the street water rushes into this ditch and it has been a pond ever since, even on not-so-heavy rain days. I would call this one more red than yellow in severity now.

    The community presentation had raised the concern that the true efficacy of the ponds cannot be stated because they’ve never been opened up to let the street water flow through them as per design. This is perhaps one of the first real tests. I fear that when they truly open up the plugs on the full set of ponds, we’re going to see more failures.

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