“Green” Raingardens Really Are Green

These Raingardens are considered to be functioning by SPU (even though the curb inlets are still blocked), but they still have inches of water on Friday afternoon (after 72 hours) from the earlier storms:

The vactor truck came later to pump them out:

From residents:

“I have noticed that all the non-draining cells (and there are more of them now) are starting to have weird things growing in them AND THEY STINK!”

“It seems like the vactor truck was very selective in what he pumped. I saw some at 75th & 31st with quite a bit of water that weren’t pumped. Definitely lots of crap growing in them and odors starting to be emitted even on these windy days.”


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2 responses to ““Green” Raingardens Really Are Green

  1. Robert Drucker

    I’m an advocate of green infrastructure and I’m distressed to see this installation fail, both in design intent and current function. Of all of the city’s departments, SPU has impressed me as the best of the lot, and so their behavior during this project – at least as reported by this blog – is disappointing to me. I hope they make things right.
    I still advocate for SPU’s Rainwise project, which subsidizes the construction of rain gardens and cistern installations on your private property. SPU installed both a garden and two 220 gallon cisterns at the Sunset Hill Community Association, and the system is working beautifully.
    Of course the design intent is different (I wouldn’t have accepted a design that anticipated standing water for as long as the 28th Ave. design apparently does), and SHCA was responsible for verifying the permeability of our own soil.
    Even during last week’s deluge, the pond held 6″ of water for less than 24 hours, and in previous lesser rains it has percolated, with no standing water at all. Some of the plants loved the wet, and even bloomed.
    If there is any good to come from this, at least it has brought neighbors together – though I would prefer that this came about in happier circumstances. I’ll check in occasionally, but if anyone wants to get in touch directly, please do:
    Robert Drucker

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