Washington State May Want to Update the Code

Found in Montana’s books:

Mont. Code Ann. §7-31-4201 et. Seq.

“The legislature declares that the control of ditchwater in inhabited areas of Montana is affected with the public interest. The purpose of this part is to prevent drowning of children in ditches filled or partially filled with water within the limits of an incorporated city or town.”

 Children really do drown in ditches filled or partially filled with water.

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One response to “Washington State May Want to Update the Code

  1. Lauren

    I think the issue at hand is one of priorities and familiarity. Yes, drowning is a hazard, especially for children–but people still decide that it’s worth the risk to have swimming pools. Pharmaceuticals are dangerous, and many of us decide to take our chances. Since swimming pools and drugs are commonplace in our society, many people don’t think twice about having them around. Ponds were commonplace where I grew up, and as a child I spent many a happy afternoon playing at the edge of the water. SPU’s raingarden project, although in many ways dysfunctional, is an opportunity to talk about our priorities and challenge our status quo. The benefit of filtering our street’s runoff would be felt all across the Sound, and having functional plantings and interactive water ecosystems as part of our streets (instead of dedicating space to an expensive, ugly filtration plant) could make Seattle a truly wonderful city, ahead of its time. Let’s work together to see the potential of our future and make it home.

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