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Removing, Restoring, and Refocusing

We applaud SPU’s decision to begin removing some of the ineffective Raingardens, which include the ones on 77th and 29th. After determining these specific Raingardens are not solutions for the Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO) issue, SPU will be refocusing its efforts on other opportunities that can produce measurable results.

This blog aims to continue the conversation surrounding those other solutions. Please see our “Options” tab and feel free to contribute to the list.


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Featured on “Crosscut”

Our Ballard Raingarden Project has been profiled in Crosscut. The article summarizes well some of our issues and emphasizes we would like to see green solutions that are effective in cutting back the Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO).

See the full article here:–green–idea-discredited-by-a-Seattle-drainage-project-gone-awry-/

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As discussed in the KIRO news story, SPU is now meeting to decide on the individual Raingarden’s statuses moving forward.

The residents on 77th and 29th have notified SPU they want all Raingardens on their blocks and intersection removed due to lack of infiltration and resulting safety hazards and ineffectual results.


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